EOY 2022 | 2245

Alright then thatโ€™s it for 2022. 45 episodes, 3 3/4 hours audio read from approximately 42k words of script.

Full Show Notes: https://www.thejaymo.net/2022/12/17/301-2245-eoy-2022/

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

EOY 2022

Alright then, thatโ€™s it for 2022. 45 episodes, 3 3/4 hours audio read from approximately 42k words of script. Whether youโ€™ve been subscribed since 2018 or just recently, thank you all so much for listening to this strange, weekly, personal podcast thatโ€™s 301 seconds long. 

Special thanks must go to Permanently Movedโ€™s paid supporters and zine subscribers for helping keep the lights on. This show, my blog, and the new interview show I’m working on: All of it exists because some of you choose to pay.

As is tradition. Let’s close the books on 2022.

Permanently Moved past 100,000 all time downloads this year. A significant mental milestone. A much bigger creator once told me โ€˜Care about your stats till 100k. Care again at 1 millionโ€™. So thatโ€™s the plan. Several times in the last 4 years I’ve said that statistics have pickled brains. None more than mine.

After 6 seasons, 213 episodes, and 100,000 downloads Iโ€™m confident that people are listening, and now derive little personal validation from a number going up.

On the subject of statistics. 301 has been in and out of top 100 iTunes charts all over the world this year. Considering Desert Island Discs is Permanently unmoved at #1 in my niche, 301 peaking at 72 in the UK this year was pretty cool. Thanks again to everyone who subscribed.

Lastly, this years top three episodes by raw download numbers were:

Episode 2243 – What the Hell Is Going On?
Episode 2240 – The Internet Means Send AND Receive
Episode 2207 – Inauthentic Internet 

The following 7 episodes making up the top 10 were all within just 30 downloads of each other.

Anyways thatโ€™s enough about stats. Letโ€™s talk moving pictures.

Most of you listening probably arenโ€™t even aware thereโ€™s a video version of the show. Itโ€™s just me sitting at my desk reading from the script. I ingest the video alongside the audio into the editor. The video version has a small but dedicated following on Youtube. Why not like and subscribe if you’re watching right now? 

I started making the video version last year as an opportunity to learn how to work with video. It’s taken me about 18 months to get to grips with workflow, and I now feel quite comfortable with where I’m at. It’s about as good as it’s going to be without making something else – if you know what I mean. Iโ€™m now satisfied that I know what I’m doing, maybe I will make something – I just need a good idea. 

Speaking of good ideas, quite a few ideas for shows didnโ€™t get made this year.  Thereโ€™s 8000 words of unfinished scripts in the Google doc. They are as follows: 

The Idiot Box: Comparing how Iโ€™ve felt about the television since I was a teenager to how I feel about my phone today.

Xbox Live: A show about just how badly Microsoft screwed up the world’s earliest mass shared audio environment. From its early marketing, to the decade of unfettered free speech. What it did to an entire generation’s psyche is an open question. Especially to Men. Opinions about what is and isnโ€™t acceptable on the Internet were formed there.  I’ve since written about this for an anthology that’s not yet announced. 

An Apology to Tom Jones: After listening to the complete Tom Jones Decca collection from 1965-75 earlier this year. I had no idea. The manโ€™s voice is a weapon. 

Polycrisis Actors: Iโ€™ve had a bash at writing this several times. One day I’ll find the words to articulate the things I feel about this title. 

Co-located Memory: Continuing to get to grips with my aphantasia.

The Brand Called You: A show about an article I read in the computer lab at school in 1997 that predicted the next 25 years of the internet. 

Decorum: A word that isnโ€™t used much these days. It probably should be.

Present Shock: 8 years since the book of the same name by Doug Rushkoff came out.

BoomerZoomers: I wrote notes for this after I finished teaching at Camberwell College of Arts this summer. All my students were born after 9/11. It was hard explaining rolling newsโ€™ the realtime terror alert level.

So along with a big list of other things in my creative and personal life, that’s an overview of what you could have won this year. See also Episode 2203 for a different list of things that I wanted to do this year and didn’t.

I finished last year talking about Urgent Anxiety. This whole year has been dominated by The Fear of Finding Out. The sea is so very big and my boat is so very very small. 

As the year has gone on however, my boat has become more sure and sturdy. No longer do I feel lashed to the mast, but Iโ€™m back at the helm. Things are going to get weirder and they are definitely going to get worse in the coming years. I’m emotionally and mentally here for it. I feel like Iโ€™ve got my panic out the way early to avoid the rush. 

Itโ€™s all good tho. The body of work grows one week at a time though the work of body. Iโ€™m proud of everything Iโ€™ve achieved this year, It all creates an ever more stable platform for the next.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks again for listening. I’ll speak to you all again in Episode 2301 in January.


The script above is the original script written for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the edit.

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