What the Hell Is Going On? | 2243

Steady state capitalist realism and cultural fracking has got so bad they are rebooting the damn moon landings.

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What the Hell Is Going On?

β€œWhat the hell is going on?”.

It’s a question that seems to be coming out of the mouths of almost everyone I’ve hung out with this year.

It’s taken a while, but the rising damp of psychic anxiety that permeates every aspect of our culture and society has finally started to peel the wallpaper. Less and less people can go on ignoring it.

Last year in episode 21-40 I said that the light the media was pointing to at the end of the pandemic tunnel was in fact the headlamp of an oncoming train. We’ve all come staggering out of the lockdowns into a world that is objectively worse than when we went in. 

In the UK, politicians have been actively making decisions that make our lives worse for a decade. But more recently, their motivations have been laid bare. 

The only political program the elites have for this country is looting it. 

A man with a net worth of  770 million was recently crowned prime minister by the bond markets. The same man was also responsible for letting the rich loot roughly Β£15.7bn – Β£20.1bn pounds out of the country and told the treasury to not worry about it.

The Queen died, a prime minister deliberately crashed the economy. The richest man in the world now owns a car company, a solar panel company, a rocket factory and a social network. Supermarkets are half empty and Britan has no eggs.

Kanye West – the 15th biggest selling solo musical artist of all time – dressed in a morph suit and praised Hitler on Infowars. Even Alex Jones was shook. We have a real time war reported blow by blow on live blogs and Epstein apparently killed himself.

It’s like we’re living upside downland that operates on dream logic.

Nobody has any idea what’s going on.

I’ve been broken since 2015 to be honest. I watched a live stream of US celebrity ride down an escalator. Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World blasting, he took the podium to announce his presidential run. 

Something inside me went ping. I was witnessing the inertia of the Universe. I haven’t been the same since. 

Commenting on the state of things a year later, a friend told me he had fallen out the back of the wardrobe and he couldn’t find his way back to reality again. I feel like people are having similar personal epiphanies all around me. Waking up from one dream world, and wishing for a different dream.

Amongst the madness the only thing I am absolutely certain of is that I have absolutely no fucking idea what is going on.

What’s worse, we can’t even look to quote unquote mainstream culture to help us understand what’s going on. Because according to the culture industry, there’s nothing going on at all. 

There’s nothing going on except cultural fracking.

Filmstories reported recently that there are 114 reboots, remakes and sequels in various phases of production. How can we even begin to make sense of the world when the culture is stuck selling resurrected corpses and trading on former glories. 

I saw the trailer for the new Transformers movie the other day.
Beastwars – the seventh instalment in the franchise.

There’s only so much good will you can extract from a generation before you have to find a new mark. After pumping every last profitable molecule from 80s nostalgia, and the first iteration of the toy franchise. It makes sense to move on to the second wave of toys.

The cultural clock, the geologic layer of cultural fracking has moved forward to 1996. The Beastwars trailer even features Biggie’s track Juicy.

The oldest kids who grew up playing with the Beast Wars toy line would have been 11 when the first live action Transformers movie came out. Now in their mid 20’s, they have presumably been waiting for the opportunity to have their own nostalgia fracked by the culture industry. 

Welcome to the club Gen Z.

The world is moving into the future at a faster and faster pace, yet the owners of our culture are desperately trying to arrest it. Tiktok trends explode and die within days, yet it takes 18 months to publish a book. Politicians are looting the country in broad daylight whilst arguments over the merits of a sequel to a live action reboot of a cartoon based on a folk tale rage online. The ice caps are melting, the planet is dying but don’t worry proles, the football is on at christmas. Late stage capitalism is transitioning into end state capitalism. And the second decade of the 21 Century might mark the end of the long 20th. The runout continues

The problem of static steady state capitalist realism and cultural fracking is so bad they are rebooting the damn moon landings. 

All part of the greater, wider, deeper culture war. It’s a fight over the type of world and reality that gets reflected back to us by mirror of culture. Another reason developments in AI are so important. Whats going on is a battle for control over the type of dreams we are going to have next after the current one ends. 

Because as the world gets worse, reality isn’t going to get any better, just weirder and faster.


The script above is the original script written for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the edit.

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