Forest Bed

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I joined a band back in January playing bass guitar. A slow sad country band called ‘Forest Bed’.

We were supposed to play our first gig on Wednesday the 15th April. πŸ™

Instead, Paul and Becca Freeman recored a “Stripped back lockdown performance from the living room”. It’s one of my favourite songs the band has written. I hope you like it too.

Forest Bed – Just Where The Light Begins To Fade

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10 responses to “Forest Bed”

  1. […] country band The 105 played. The 105 also includes 2 of members of my band, so it was nice to see the lads and see them play for the first time since the pandemic […]

  2. […] posted some photos previously but I’ve had band practice almost every other week for my slow sad country band since late […]

  3. […] perfectionism and self doubt. Growing up, I always preferred throwing my creative energies at music than writing. Most of my friends who wanted to be writers at school have become english […]

  4. […] My band played a gig last Saturday at a 40th birthday party. Now, I know we’re all older than we used to be and no one really drinks like they used to. But it was funny to hear people over their second pint, after the candles and cake, wondering how much of a faux pas it would be to leave soon, so they could go home and play Zelda. […]

  5. […] current band is recording next month, I’m stoked. If Slow Sad English Country Music is your thing, you’ll have to come and see us play over the summer. It was a shame, this week […]

  6. […] 301. Which means that you don’t know that I’m in a slow, sad, English, country band called Forest Bed. We have about 45 mins of material right now and it’s looking like we’ll be recording an EP […]

  7. […] my band‘s 4 track EP went for mastering the other day. When it’s up on Bandcamp I want to make a 30 […]

  8. […] may remember me mentioning that I’m in a band. Lockdown disrupted the EP recording for obvious reasons. Instead, we are currently writing and […]

  9. […] Super long day yesterday at Lonesome Dog Studios with the lads from Forest Bed. […]

  10. […] My band played its first gig on Friday at one of Leo Food’s Supper Clubs. I had a great time, all the other acts on the night were amazing too. The evening had poets, singer songwriters, a jazz band, and stand up comedians. […]

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