Update Interlude | 2319

Looking through my scripts for 2023, I realise I haven’t made a general update show since February. So let’s do that. 

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Update Interlude

I skipped out on making an episode last week. I was away in Lisbon giving the opening talk at the Autonomous Worlds Summit. I could have made an episode when I got back I suppose, but I was dog tired. Plus, it was a long weekend and I decided to steal a week from planned gap between episodes 20 and 21 and relax.

It was nice. 

Looking through my scripts for 2023, I realise I haven’t made a general update show since February. So let’s do that. What’s easier than writing about yourself?

Next week’s episode will be another entry into the ongoing artist series, and then I’ll be taking a week off. I’ll be using that mental headspace to rebuild my blog. 

Had I had more energy last week, I would have made an episode pitching the Autonomous World I would like to create. The opening line would have been β€œI would like to world a world”. My idea is very different from the kinds of things that are currently getting made on-chain. More like an art project than a game. My idea – a true wind-up world – is more conceptual. One that incorporates many of the affordances that blockchain world-engines provide. It’s something that I would like to one day realise, a sort of an infinite bonsai micro universe.

My talk at the event, and reason for attending was about the history of worlds. What were the conceptual innovations that lead to the creation of humanities newest creative medium. Initially I think it was a little confusing for a room full of blockchain developers to find themselves being lectured about the history of probability and statistics, Prussian scientific forestry, and the development of Psychodrama. But the story all comes together with computers in the 1970’s and it went down well.

The title of the talk was ‘Worlds a Walk Though‘. And was the first time I’ve taken some of material for ‘The Web was a Side Quest’ for a spin. The video recording should be online soon – I’ll post about it on my blog when it’s out. 

The whole event was exciting. Literally everyone I met there was brilliant in the best way. I’ve come away very energised about the future of this new kind of medium for worlds.

Now that my Autonomous World’s talk is out the way, my mind is turning towards other commitments I have on deck.

Season 1 of Writers Bloc – the online writing group that I’m co-running with 0xSalon janitor Wassim Alsindi – begins this Thursday. I’m looking forward to that, a lot. I’m going to use the commitment to to get my talk for the week I’m teaching on the New Centre’s β€˜Writing the Impossible Object’ course later in the summer written. I currently have a vague sense of what I want to write about, but the piece will probably be about 8k words. Making it by far the longest non-fiction text I will have written since I was at university. So I’m glad I’ll have a peer group full of super great people for support with it. Exciting stuff. 

My online essay collection worldrunning.guide is about to click over to version 1.0.

Following interactions with people at the event in Lisbon and encouragement from Julian at Near Future Lab, I may do a limited print run. I need to look into costs and pricing but it seems to me at least that there’s an appetite for a physical version. I still have Episode 23-17 to paste in and some more copy edits to do, but I suspect the word count for verion 1 will come in at around  17k words. If you’ve enjoyed this shows  β€˜worlds’ related episodes are interested in having them collected together IRL, drop me a line. If I get a handful of replies I may fire up some kind of pre-order page to collect email addresses once I’ve rebuilt my website. 

Speaking of print. The bad news is that all the back issues of my zine Start Select Reset are now sold out. The good news in contrast is that I’ll be heading to the copy shop to get Issue 6 printed early next week. It’ll be in the post by the weeks end. This issue will include my first attempts at carving pencil eraser ink stamps with the linocut tools I got given. It’s also the first issue made with the new design and layout I’m going to use for all issues going forward.

If you would like to support this show and get a print zine from me 4 times a year as a thank you, head over to thejaymo.net/support. On the page you’ll find brand new links to subscribe directly with Stripe.com. I’ll be moving over to Stripe subscriptions only for new subscribers when I rebuild my blog. It’ll mean I can have a member portal for people to manage their own card details and postal addresses etc . Plus, moving away from WordPress subscriptions means a saving of 4% on all transactions. Which in this age of rising cost of living works out to the price of one international zine stamp for someone subscribed at Β£5 a month.

Lastly, my band‘s 4 track EP went for mastering the other day. When it’s up on Bandcamp I want to make a 30 second audio promo in the style of those country compilation CD adverts that used to be on TV when I was a kid. 

Speak to you all again next week.


The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the episode.

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