According to Saint Kondo, her method for tackling kimono (junk) – is to sort by category/type. I finally addressed all my boxes of cables.

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According to Saint Kondo, her method for tackling kimono (junk) – is to sort by category/type. In September I reached the end of my high tolerance for the boxes of ‘cables’ that live down the side of my desk, so this week began with some ‘sorting’.

Oh boy is the psychic environment around the business of ‘cables’ in my life much better. Really glad I bought them zip lock thingamys from Paperchase. The ‘sort’ generated some e-waste that needs to go to the tip. The local hack space is taking some cables when I go along next.

I’m back home on the chalk right now as I type this. Back in Thanet for my Mum’s birthday. Really nice to have movement again to visit people and do important things.

The weather hasn’t be that great whilst I’ve been home. The strong winds and the rain coming down the channel from the North Sea however made for some dramatic seas and skys.

I’m getting the train back to London later today. Should be back early evening. I have got a lot on in the coming week, as I’m going away to Malta mid month!

Puppet Project

I published this post earlier in the week.

Shadow Puppet of Frog by Matsumoto Hoji

There is nothing quite like spending ages investing time into something that you care about. Then theres nothing quite like spending ages writing it up and posting it online and having absolutely nobody giving a flying fuck about it.

The puppet post has been the worst performing post (in its first 5 days) on my blog in the last 12 months. Hahaha

This hasn’t been the crushing disappointment, seen as a personal failure or damning inditement that I would have perceived it to be, even as recently as 18 months ago.

Instead it has been freeing. The finally piece of the personal puzzle. Really really good.

Permanently Moved


I was introduced on call the other day as an ‘essayist’. The idea that someone would describe me as one left the Dyslexic kid in me reeling.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • I got a lot of little things related to old projects buttoned up and finished this week.
  • I also cleared my emails – if you are expecting a reply from me pls reach out again.
  • Had a long call with some of the team behind the Solarpunk Mag Kickstarter (Back it!)
  • Booked in a little bit of work for late October after I get back from holiday.
    • If you think you have any work that would interest me in Nov please do get in touch!

Dipping the Stacks

God’s Chosen Puppets: The Weird World Of Christian Music LPs – The Reprobate

It’s easy to mock these records, but in fairness, they are without doubt sincere efforts – probably more honest in their way than most commercial music, given that there is no artifice involved at all.

The Other Norman Conquests – The Victors of 1066 Also Fought Wars in the Mediterranean and Middle East –

The Normans did not establish a lasting empire, their driving force was family rather than nationality. The last truly Norman king of England, Stephen, died in 1154, the last Norman king of Sicily, William III, was deposed in 1194, while Normandy itself was taken over by the French king in 1204. Nevertheless, the Normans stride across the pages of 11th and 12th century European history as larger than life characters

We Need Software Updates Forever – IEEE Spectrum

Manufacturers should maintain their software and firmware indefinitely

Smart Forests | Home

How are forests becoming digital environments? The Smart Forests project investigates the social-political impacts of digital technologies that monitor and govern forest environments.

20 Reasons To Quit Social Media –

The benefits of staying off social media are insanely generous. Not only your time is salvaged, but also your attention – which is far more precious.


I finished re-reading FALC. So now I’m also re-reading Blockchain Chicken Farm by Xiaowei Wang. It is without a doubt one of the most important books about ‘the contemporary’ to come out last year.

Even though I never re-read books, I’m also re reading St Kondo’s Spark Joy in snatched minutes here and there on the kindle app on my phone. There is something comforting about being reminded of thins that you already do, but also catching new lines and ways of thinking that you overlooked the first time.

Music Spotify Playlist

Abstract Void – Wishdream

You may remember how much I loved Violet Cold earlier this year. Well Abstract Void are joining the same mental playlist with their own take on pop, black metal, and shoegaze. Heavyblog are trying to make the genre tag blackgaze happen and I’m here for it.

This album is absolutely HUGE. it sounds great and at times has the same feeling of sonic assault that black metal has, at its best. The choice of synths give of mechanical videogame level vibes here and there. The whole album provides landscapes of sound from track to track. I love it!

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