So Many Words

I’ve typed so many words into google docs this week that I now feel like I forgot to save some for the blog.

5 minutes

I’ve typed so many words into Gdocs this week that I feel like I forgot to save some for the blog.

Every morning before I start work I pour words directly out of my brain though my fingers into my daily diary for 20mins.

Usually I average about 750 words. But this week its been closer to 800/820-ish. Which means/indicates that theres something on my mind. In fact, I’ve been writing about the same thing thats been on my mind for months. The constant iteration and the confessional nature of process helps to bring the issue into more detail. Each entry is another hand on the elephant as it were. Then you meditate on the same problem later in the day.

Anyways, getting all the junk personal words out and into google docs first thing in the morning feels like the way British people who grew up in houses with mixer taps always run the tap for a bit before pouring themselves a drink. It clears the pipes, and leaves better fresher words for other things. But then you write the other things and that adds up to 1000’s of words, and then there’s the podcast which is about 1k words in draft. I feel that I might have over done it.

Which is weird because Nanowrimo is usually fine. My brain is so empty.

Here’s a picture of the espresso martini’s we drank in the rain in the pub the other day.

A photo of several espresso martini's on a table

Permanently Moved

Anything but the Election

Making an episode on the election would probably have done some good numbers. But I decided to talk about Babylonian evil sprits instead.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Writing, editing, typing, reading.

I feel like I’m about 2 full days away from starting work on self directed work again.
Really looking forward to it.

My authors copy of Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia I blogged about last week arrived from Rome. Looks great.

A photo of the cover of the book Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia

Dipping the Stacks

The Slander Industry – The New York Times

I wanted to slander someone. My colleague Kashmir Hill and I were trying to learn who is responsible for β€” and profiting from β€” the growing ecosystem of websites whose primary purpose is destroying reputations. So I wrote a nasty post. About myself.

Apple and Epic Trial Opens With a Tour of the Fortnite β€˜Metaverse’ – The New York Times

The outcome of the trial will have wide-reaching implications for the broader antitrust push against big tech companies. Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet, which owns Google, face various antitrust claims by state and federal governments in the United States and Europe.

The Climate Solution Actually Adding Millions of Tons of CO2 Into the Atmosphere β€” ProPublica

CarbonPlan estimates the state’s program has generated between 20 million and 39 million credits that don’t achieve real climate benefits. They are, in effect, ghost credits that didn’t preserve additional carbon in forests but did allow polluters to emit far more CO2, equal to the annual emissions of 8.5 million cars at the high end.

UW DNA Sequencing Security Study

DNA stores standard nucleotidesβ€”the basic structural units of DNAβ€”as letters such as A, C, G, and T. After sequencing, this DNA data is processed and analyzed using many computer programs. It is well known in computer security that any data used as input into a program may contain code designed to compromise a computer. This lead us to question whether it is possible to produce DNA strands containing malicious computer code that, if sequenced and analyzed, could compromise a computer.

Five takeaways about Facebook’s pivot to audio

But to hear Zuckerberg tell it Monday, the audio play is much more about helping the little guy. Here’s what he said when I asked whether Facebook audio was more likely to benefit individual creators than big publishers


As mentioned on the podcast I read β€œThe devils and evil spirits of Babylonia : being Babylonian and Assyrian incantations against the demons, ghouls, vampires, hobgoblins, ghosts, and kindred evil spirits, which attack mankind, tr. from the original Cuneiform texts, with transliterations, vocabulary, notes, etc” by Reginald Campbell 1903 this week on my phone. The reader works really well in the browser.

I finished listening to Ciaphas Cain: Duty Calls.

I’m now listening to 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed. I just got to the end of Part 1 and its a fantastic piece of work. Well written and gives you a real feel for the interconnectedness of the late bronze age Mediterranean.

I just bought Terminal Boredom by Izumi Suzuki in the Verso sale as the paperback is 40% off. Can’t wait to dive in.


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Empire Of Love – Violet Cold

Nestled in and unremarked amongst this months new releases on an ‘extreme’ mailing list I’m on was Empire Of Love by Violet Cold.

Sometimes you hear something that blows open the idea of genre. Violet Cold is making music like that. A dense blend of pop, black metal, and shoegaze. Yeah, really!

The track Pride embedded below is absolutely fucking fantastic. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard in ages. It might even be my favourite thing I’ve heard this year.

It sounds like what being a teenager felt like to me.

If I was making a solarpunk movie, this is track on the car radio as the two teenage love birds arrive at a city after much drama at the end of act 1.

In fact this is what all pop music should sound like in the future. Its so fucking good.

Here are the things I’ve found out about Violet Cold:

Violet Cold: Baku, Azerbaijan
Violet Cold is an experimental AI simulated music project from 40Β°22’37.7″N 49Β°50’51.6″E

The 2020 album ‘noir kid’ is also fantastic and well worth plugging into your hear holes.

Honestly, I love this album so much I’m thinking about buying some merch. I don’t even wear t-shirts.

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