Anything but the Election | 2118


Making an episode on the election would probably have done some good numbers. But I decided to talk about Babylonian evil sprits instead.

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Anything but the Election

Yesterday I was thinking that I would make an episode about the 2021 election results. I wanted to talk about the media class. Centrism, twitter brain worms, the left, the labour party, Keith Stamar and that epic galaxy brain thread from Dominic Cummings. 

It’s the sort of episode that would probably have done some good numbers. But it’s also a frustrating and really depressing topic. So I’m not going to do that. 

Instead, I’ll point you towards episode 19-37 – We Are Just At That Point In The Timeline made the day after the 2019 election defeat. And episode 20-01 – Outside Of London which is about the media class confusing national news for local news.

My good friend Alex urged me to do an episode about my quote unquote crazy Royals stuff earlier this week. β€œThe world needs to hear it, it is too good for just me”. He said in response to me dropping the link to the first episode from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official youtube channel into the chat with the words β€˜Told you so’.

See also Harry and Megan’s Netflix show about the invictus games coming soon.  Plus in an exclusive deal with Spotify the pilot of their podcast β€˜Archwell Audio’ was released back in December 2020.

I could talk about royal coverage in the British press, propaganda and the disintermediation of celebrity. How Katie Price operates as a “self-facilitating media node” and is very savvy about how her youtube channel creates a feedback loop with the traditional press. Though I’m not sure I could fit it all into 5mins of audio. This topic’s more natural setting is a one sided rant/conversation at you after a couple of beers.

Pub Jay as immersive podcast experience.

But I will sum up the royals media strategy in 2021: 

Royals Media Strategy in 2021

β€œFinished with the crown? Stay up to date by subscribing to Harry and Wills social channels today”.

Maybe I’ll talk about how I’ve been reading a really good book. This is it’s full title by the way.

β€œThe devils and evil spirits of Babylonia : being Babylonian and Assyrian incantations against the demons, ghouls, vampires, hobgoblins, ghosts, and kindred evil spirits, which attack mankind, tr. from the original Cuneiform texts, with transliterations, vocabulary, notes, etc” by Reginald Campbell 1903

The scan is on the internet archive and it’s fantastic. Or particular interest are the sections on Ancestor Worship and The Seven Evil Spirits. 

It’s really interesting to me how the binding of one or more of the 7 evil spirits is used mechanically in Babylonian ritual. 

Thes 7 Spirits are: 

[the first] is the South Wind . 
The second Is a dragon with mouth agape 
The third is a grim leopard 
The fourth is a terrible serpent …. 
The fifth is a furious beast (?)
The sixth is a rampant . . . something or other the text is missing
(but we do know that it’s against god and king.)
And the seventh is an evil windstorm 

The Seven Evil Spirits

It’s also worth noting in Sumerian reality there are also 7 separate   earthly demons. Products of the union of the sky god An and the earth (UraΕ‘) in the Poem of Erra. There’s  also the 7 great gods of the Sumerian pantheon who reside in the Pleiades or the divine heptad.

There is I think an lot of room to think with each set of 7 in a flow model. Particularly when you see how the 7 spirits are called compare it to the content of the Lesser Key

Speaking of the Key of Solomon, because … reasons I’ve been totally sucked into the Ars Notoria.

Is there anyone in my audience who has any experience with it? If so please reach out. Because of the same reasons I’ve also been eyeing up Toronto universities 2015 edition of John of Morigny’s Liber Florum Celestis Doctrine or The Flowers of Heavenly Teaching. But it’s 185 quid. An excuse to visit the British Library I’ve ever heard one.

John of Morigny seems like an interesting chap. 

He became a monk about 1300ish and was so shocked by the content of the Ars Notoria he found in the monastery’s library that he immediately started practicing ritual magic and subsequently received a vision from the virgin Mary telling him to rewrite the whole thing. Which he did twice. After gaining the Virgin’s personal approval for its release he set up a correspondence course on the books material.

Liber Florum Celestis was then rewritten for a third time in 1315 in response to external criticism by certain unnamed “barking dogs” lol. As the book looked a bit too much like necromancy for some people. 

It apparently includes the Book of Figures where Morigny recounts his visions of the virgin Mary, his magical practice, his encounters with demons, his ultimate rejection of magic arts and the publication of the book under the Virgin’s protection.

A copy of which (by the way) was publicly burned at the University of Paris in 1323, so you know it must be a good read.


I really didn’t know what to make an episode about today so instead I decided to write, record and edit it in one hour just like the old days. It’s been a pretty manic 30mins to be honest, and i’m going straight into recording with only a light edit so wish me luck.

The script above is the original script. It may differ from what ended up in the audio due to time constraints and editing.

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