We Are Just At That Point In The Timeline | 1937


The day after.

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We Are Just At That Point In The Timeline

I was sitting at a desk at the Novara Media office last night the moment they announced the poll numbers.

It was like a psychic grenade had DETONATED in the centre of the room.

A Zero-G explosion from a sci fi movie followed by a moment of pin drop silence. Only the sound of the equipment fans and the pouring rain from the open window.

I have now idea how long that silence lasted. 1 second? 1 hour? A Lifetime? 

It reached its limit and was followed by the implosion. Not as someone being disingenuous might take the meaning. But a real psychic Implosion. A roaring of psychic force that concentrated matter and energy. It filled the hearts and minds of every single person in the room and the building. And continued to build throughout the night.

A redoubled effort. A Drive, New Purpose. Forged in that moment of silence in the room.

We are just at the point in the timeline. 

Zooming way way out. Away from the day to day court gossip and intrigue that passes for political reporting in this country. The UK has finally fallen to centrifugal forces of polarisation and collapse.

No matter what the centrists will attempt to splutter at you. Whilst clinging to the jetsam of their political project in the coming weeks. This did not begin with Brexit, nor the financial collapse, and it had absolutely nothing to do a lack of charisma. The outcome of yesterday’s election was the last gasp of an empire that is ending. 

The end of the cold war unipolar world as it begins its half century long turn toward a multi polar one. That the actual poles are melting is inherent in this rearrangement. 

The pasokification of the UK is now complete. Defined by the collapse of the technocratic centre ground. With the simultaneous rise of nationalist, left-wing and right wing populist alternatives.

This election was fought on unprecedented, but not unexpected societal terrain. 

The 2019 Hansard Audit of political engagement found that:

72% say the system of governing needs β€˜quite a lot’ or β€˜a great deal’ of improvement..

47% feel they have no influence at all over national decision-making. a new high for the Audit series which has been running since 2004

And more worryingly. Britons have more confidence in the military and judges than in politicians to act in the public interest.

Combined with trust in Politicians across the western world at an all time low and trust in Journalists not fairing much better.

In August 2018 I wrote the following on my blog and it seemed to strike a nerve: I’m going to repeat them now.

You do not know what the fuck is going on.
Your job is to be absolutely certain that you have no idea what the fuck is going on.
And from that raw chaos, that raw uncertainty.. as a default state of being.
Learn how to feel.
How to move forward and act in the world.

Jay Springett – The Fuck is going on

The question that we all face as a society this morning is what kind of world are we going to act in.

We are partly, still in the same world as yesterday. Britain is going to leave the EU. We now know when. January the 31st 2020. Just 49 days to reorient. 

Despite the loud bleating of remainers and the centrist press. Britain. Was always going to be leaving the EU. Despite the technocratic centers half successful attempt at rapidly constructing a European Identity.

It is now vital that you help all friends and family who have been wearing this as a cloak of protection come to terms with reality as quickly as possible. It is important to act in the world in full knowledge that there is also absolutely no way that the UK is ever going to rejoin the European project. 

On the one hand. To do so would require us to make a whole host of constitutional reforms like an elected second house that are basically never going to happen.  Nore would the global economy or the City of London countenance the required adoption of the Euro. 

On the other.

Given that we ARE at that point in the timeline. By the time any argument around re-joining Europe could be won – there may not even be a ‘European Union’ to rejoin. Many of the countries in the union are facing the same historical forces as we are. And the Euro as a monetary mechanism is absolutely Donald Ducked

We have to act and feel in a world where the country run by the racist hard right. There are a laundry list of things that are going to get worse before it gets better. Most immediately today I mourn for the fate of NHS, and friends including myself who are disabled or suffer chronic or life threatening illnesses. I stand in solidarity with my friends and comrades of colour and other monitories who are now afraid for their lives. 

This world we are going to now act in. The rules have changed and will continue to do so until the early 2030s.

However. Yesterday.

The Labour Party won 203 seats on the back of one of the most radical manifesto it has ever presented to the country. We have to own that win as much as we do the defeat. Seats lost were due to the ongoing unspooling of historical forces, around meaning, globalisation and identity. The tories won them over with a simple narrative and simple messaging.

We have simple messages too. 

As the UK’s ultra-left propaganda machine Deterritorial Support Group precisely diagnosed back in 2012:

It’s just Us, Capital and the Fash.

You may have noticed that I have been avoiding talking about politics. On this podcast, on my blog or on the socials. It’s not to say that I haven’t had lots of long detailed conversations about politics in meat space. I haven’t felt it necessary to contribute to the outrage machine. 

The above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in audio due to time constraints.

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