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One of the advantages of being in/on bed all week was that I got a heap of work done.

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I was so sick last week. πŸ™

I’m convinced I picked up Covid again at the gig(?) last Friday? I had all the symptoms; cough, temperature, days of shivering and shaking, basically Monday though Wednesday. Then I was wiped out Thursday and Friday with a few bonus shakes here and there. Only really felt myself yesterday. Thing is all the tests I took were all negative. Mystery.

One of the advantages of being in/on bed all week was that I got a heap of work done. So thats nice.

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After moaning about my blog the other week. I ended up having a few txt chats and emails with greybeard bloggers and friends. The general consensus was that aI need to remember a blog is a database of structured relational data. Just because its not doing the things I want it to do right now – and/or doesn’t look like I want it to look – doesn’t mean It won’t in future.

I have been encouraged to just use my blog however I want to use it.

Fine! I will.

So I’ll still be posting my podcast and weeknotes to the blog as usual, but I’m going to start posting much more casually. I’ll be posting for now in the #notes category, shorter smaller blog posts that might just be links and a bit of commentary.

I’ve resisted this so far as there are SO MANY OF YOU reading via email. Its intimidating to change the caence of blog posts – I don’t want to spam you all. But then again, if you don’t like it add me to your RSS reader and unsubscribe via email. Or stay! and hear from me more often. I don’t mind.

Anyways just gonna slip in to that from next week and see if I can’t further extract myself from the feeds/social media.

At some point I’ll figure out how to give people options over what content they want to subscribe too etc. For now I just want to get into a busier cadence of posting more.

Photo 365


Permanently Moved

Marriage in the Metaverse

8th May 1996, 26 years ago tomorrow. Tomas Landhaus and Janka Stanhope were married in the metaverse. Plus my chapter in the new book Lost Zone.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Calls, Calls, Calls
  • Finished the Wind Up Worlds Post and moved on the next one.
  • Gathering addresses for the next zine shipment
  • Finished up some spreadsheet work for Novara Media

Dipping the Stacks

on those who cry wolf | Velcro City Tourist Board

On the other hand, the kid who lied wolf is a pretty neat way to scapegoat a destructive disaster on the under-resourced person you burdened with preventing it, eh?

Inhabited Virtual Worlds: Article for ACM interactions, Sept 1996

In April of 1995 the Internet took a step into the third dimension with the introduction of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) as a commercial standard.

Fruit and vegetables sold in the UK are β€˜half as nutritious’ as 80 years ago, study shows

Fruit and vegetables sold in the UK now contain half the amount of some key nutrients as they did in 1940, a major study reveals. Depleted levels of iron, magnesium, sodium and copper mean Britons are at increased risk of malnutrition, experts warn.

How to get AI to sound less drunk: the GPT-3 case study | Sifted

GPT-3, like a drunk, cannot make its point because it has no point to make. In the context of entertainment (or a bar), GPT-3 offers up neat tricks. But it will not write your grant proposal or business plan anytime soon.

BBC Widescreen Digital Test Transmission – 1998 – YouTube

In terms of the Aphex Twin: I was using it during the initial edit because as I said, I loved it (and still do). The producer, Shaun, liked it too, and so simply looked up Warp’s phone number, gave them a call, and asked if we could use it. A few minutes later Shaun’s mobile rang and the man himself, Mr. Twin was on the phone.


I finished Crystal Fire: The Invention of the Transistor and the Birth of the Information Age. A really fantastic book, so much detail and colour included from primary interviews. Really recommend it.

I’ve moved straight on to The Chip: How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution. Crystal fire speeds up its narrative about 3/4 of the way though the book. This book is an in-depth history of the semi-conductor and monolithic chipset. One step back to get two steps of more detail as it were.

Been listening to the 40k audiobook Throne Of Light this week. It’s another slow burn novel in the series, two in a row now. This book is part murder mystery, bureaupunk and magic ritual. Good stuff.

I finished Dougald Hine’s draft book. Still need to send him feedback. I had to take a break, as despite agreeing with a lot of it, it was too bleak to read at bed time lol. I need to e-mail him actually…

Music Spotify Playlist

Let’s Eat Grandma – Two Ribbons

I said back in Jan that I was really looking forward to this album. Its so good, almost perfect maybe?

It might be the best synthpop album to be released in years – it is certainly a flag placed on top of the mountain Let’s Eat Grandma have made for themselves. Like the song Happy New Year I posted about in Jan, the whole album is structured as a call and response or conversation between the musical duo.

The lyrics on this album are so so good. wonderful. “like two ribbons, still woven, although we’re fraying” comes on the albums last and title track. It’s a fabulous album. One of the UK’s best bands full stop. Not that you’d know it from our morbid piss nostalgia thats soaks though everything in Brexit Britain.

Remember Kids:

I lol’d outload at this Tom Scott Warhammer 40k crossover meme.

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