200+ Weeks in a Row

I’ve now been writing these things for 200+ weeks in a row. I really like the weeknotes format, I think it works really well for me.

7 minutes

Another week another weeknotes. I’ve now been writing these things for 200+ weeks in a row. All the numbers are a little out as historical Jaymo made a terrible decision in his 20’s to number the posts when he started the blog. So glad that is all in the past.

I was looking back at the weeknotes for this week in time in 2018. At that point it was the 3rd week after committing to posting a blog here at least once a week. The format of that post is embryonic. The week before I’d posted bullet points of observations from ‘the feed’. But that post was the first time I’d added the ‘Dipping the stacks’ heading.

I remember choosing that title as I had been re-reading Richard K. Morgan’s Kovacs trilogy and ‘dippers’ are hackers who pull information out of systems for a price. Man, I love those books. I’ve read them a bunch of times. As part of the website re-design one of the requirements is that want to set up the back end emailer so people can subscribe to the podcast/weeknotes/all posts as all separate options, and have a landing page where folks can sub to the weeknotes as a newsletter from me.

I really like the weeknotes format, it works really well for me. I think it’s probably one of the oldest blog formats on the web. I remember it first being a thing around 2003/4ish? Lots of Uk tech people used to use the format.

Anyways. The thing I’m increasingly finding after posting so much shit to the internet is that the body of work/work of body has become really useful to me. I’ve caught myself several times -vaguely remembering that I’ve made a Podcast or a quick note about something or other – googling what I think about a subject.

I wonder what people with nearly 20+ years of blog archives think about it all.

Photo 365

16 days in to the photo a day project for this year seems to be going well. It’s now become a habit rather than something I keep having to remember to do.

I’ve decided that I’m going to dump my 365 photos over 12 blogposts at the end of each month.

Photo 011/365

Despite practicing for 7 hours last Saturday Forest Bed had our regular biweekly rehearsal on Tuesday this week. Drummer boy couldn’t make it so, we practiced to a click though the PA. But we soon gave up with that because it was annoying. We worked on vocal harmonies and bits and bobs of songs that needed work, but has always felt like we are wasting our drummers time – him paying to sit there whilst we play the same thing over and over – whilst we work stuff out.

We have about 40mins of material at this point. I think one or two more songs and we’ll be in a good place to play a show. We’re also discussing recording which is fun.

Permanently Moved

Lost in MySpace

Upon hearing the MySpace sever news, my first thought was โ€˜Iโ€™m glad all posts and DMs are gone foreverโ€™.
My second thought was โ€˜Oh No

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The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • I can’t belive how much time and effort it takes to prune ones google drive. I let it get out of control during the pandemic and it took me nearly 4 hours to sort and file everything. Really glad it’s done tho.
  • Also had a huge tidy of my Notion. Getting to the point where I need to look at their data export tools just so I can take/save/backup a snapshot of my intellectual life *such as it is* at the beginning of 2022.
  • Started a python course. Step by step tutorials are the best. I love youtube.
  • Cleared all my e-mails ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • Got a bunch of fun calls next week.

Dipping the Stacks

Why Pokรฉmon Go’s plan to 3D-scan the world is dangerous – The University of Sydney

Letโ€™s take these technologies for what they really are: not just for entertainment, but apparatuses for extracting data and accumulating power and profit.

Move Over, Tennis and Golf. Networks and Brands Are Cashing In on Pickleball. – Bloomberg

From pro-am tournaments to podcasts to themed-restaurants, to merchandise, to car sponsorships, the pickleball gold rush is in full swing. 

Watch “Playing a Neural Network’s version of GTA V: GAN Theft Auto” on YouTube

GAN Theft Auto is a Generative Adversarial Network that recreates the Grand Theft Auto 5 environment. It is created using a GameGAN fork based on NVIDIA’s GameGAN research.

Boy whose case inspired The Exorcist is named by US magazine

The boy whose case inspired the portrayal of a demon-possessed child in the 1973 horror movie classic The Exorcist has been named. 

Tesco moves low carbon rail operation to Port of Tilbury | Forth Ports

The daily service will take at least 17,000 containers off the road each year, saving 7.3 million road miles and nearly 9,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions


I’m still reading Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich. It’s blowing me away, I’m glad I got the translation I did. We..owe her so much.

I’ve been reading the first issue of Solarpunk Magazine on my kindle, enjoying the short stories I’ve read so far. I also have the final edit of a new short story from Andrew Dana Hudson waiting for me on the magic e-paper tablet once I’m done with the magazine. Excited to read it, even in its first draft, I thought it was the best thing he’s written to date.

Not a book, but I’ve been reading a set of interviews and collected forum posts that someone pulled off the way back machine and put into a pdf about K records and late 80’s early nineties Seattle scene. Fun fact, when I was a teenager Calvin Johnson always used to play an acoustic show in the garden of a cottage in my hometown every summer – for reasons that were never really made clear to me. Cool tho.

Finally started Dawn of Everything. What a beast. of a book! Gonna be reading this for a long while I think.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

Let’s Eat Grandma – Happy New Year

Been a big fan of Let’s Eat Grandma since hearing the track Hot Pink on their 2018 album I’m All Ears at a Hyperpop night.

Their new single from their forthcoming album Two Ribbons is a banger. There isn’t much to really say about the track Happy New Year. Well, other than it might be close to what a perfect pop song should sound like in 2022? It’s full of massive synths, a rhythmic vocal hook “Sparks in the sky until we meet the sunrise, and see the year come into bloom” actual samples of fireworks. It’s just fucking … great.

The lyrical content of the song, in contrast to the vibes of the instrumentation is more melancholic. Reflecting on the artists creative relationship and friendship over last few years of the pandemic: “And look at what we made it through”. The song is a duet in the form of a call and response. The video makes it clear that some shit must have gone down between them, though the metaphor of volleys: “say what you want to say, And now weโ€™ve grown in different ways”. Honestly I think the song is about someone breaking the others synth and falling out about it.

Two Ribbons is out in April, really looking forward to it. It’ll be Let’s Eat Grandma’s 3rd album for Transgressive. A label that I have a lot of time for. They have great taste and serve an important role in the UK’s indie music industry.

Remember Kids:

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