Remember Writing It?

There are blogposts on this website that I have absolutely no memory of writing – *at all*

5 minutes

There are weeknotes on this website that I have absolutely no memory of writing – at all. Looking for something else I wrote, I just came across ‘Types of Attention‘ from back in April. It’s only the 4th of June today so I only posted it 2 months ago.

I don’t remember writing it. I remember the all day band practice I talk about in the post. I remember being very present during the whole thing and I remember feeling/thinking about the things I wrote up in that post. But I have no memory of actually writing it. I mean, i’m glad I wrote it, but still its a bit weird not to remember writing it.

I write in my diary every day for 20mins right after breakfast. It comes out at about 1000 words a day. I have no memory of most of what I write in my diary either. Writing has become thinking. Writing is just a mechanism to catch the thoughts as they occur, I catch my thoughts with a keyboard, they are gone from my brain as soon as I’m done thinking them. The worries, frustrations, I have all goes away when I catch these emotions in my diary. The worst of it is all over, externalised and I can get on with. my day.

There’s well over half a million words on this blog now. Thats a crazy amount. Who knows how many words there are in my diary. Day One app doesn’t give you a total word count, which is probably for the best.

Anyways, given that I don’t remember most of the half million words on this blog, it’s got me thinking about it as some kind of public external memory. Colin walker has an ‘on this day’ feature on this blog. Surfacing old writing since 2008 and earlier. Maybe when I rebuild my blog I should do something similar. For my own benefit more than anyone else’s.

Permanently Moved

Update Interlude

Looking through my scripts for 2023, I realise I haven’t made a general update show since February. So let’s do that. 

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Photo 365


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Catching up on Admin after being away last week
  • Worked a little on the novella but after putting it down I’ve lost momentum on it
  • Some more light edits essays in So many people are reading it right now… I probably should finish this part of the process
    • Considering doing a small print run when it gets to version 1.
  • Sorted though a huge long list of things that need doing and prioritised them
  • Sorted out last zine bits and bobs

Terminal Access

Huw and Ben’s Bad Gays: A Homosexual History just came out in paperback. I saw it on the front table of Waterstones during the week but forgot to snap a photo. Proud.

ADH put out a good newsletter on AI and its cultural depictions drawing on expert opinions he formed whilst working on the AI Policy Futures Project.

Dipping the Stacks

10,000 Gecs as 2023 Culture

Well, first of all, 10,000 Gecs isn’t that weird. If this is what passes for overwhelming strangeness in 2023, we are living in a conservative era.

β€œBlurred Lines,” Harbinger of Doom | Pitchfork

It was these sorts of power structures upon which β€œBlurred Lines” perched. The song was a fissure crack, revealing rot all the way down to the foundations

The Internet Isn’t Meant To Be So Small | Defector

The internet was supposed to have pockets, to have enchanting forests you could stumble into and dark ravines you knew better than to enter. The internet was supposed to be a place of opportunity, not just for profit but for surprise and connection and delight.

Britain Is Dead

To the extent that the UK is governed by a partnership between the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, it is an aristocracy that is not aristocratic and a bourgeoisie that is not productive.

The root of Gen Z’s hyperindividualism – by kate lindsay

TikTok’s For You page algorithm has the unique ability to drop its users directly in the middle of an argument. Already several stitches deep, you’re forced to work backward for context. That’s confusing in the best of times, but even more so when the argument is about something as simple as β€œwe should generally be polite to one another.” Yet, for some reason, it’s that opinion 20-year-old Canadian creator Michelle Skidelsky has been forced to defend again and again online


Zelda has eaten up all the time I usually spend reading. However…

I’m just over 80% into my 8th re-read of Altered Carbon. Some quick maths meansI’ve read this book every 2.3 years since I first picked it up in Borders Kingston at University. I’ll be on Agitator pod again soon for a round table on the book very soon!


thejaymo.netΒ Spotify Playlist

Face Yourself – S/T

I’ve been listening to the Sleep Token album ovcer and over all week. But it’ve been hammering it a bit hard. On top of all the Japanese pop music i’ve been listening to for months I needed a pallet cleanser. What better than to listen to some absolutely punishing dethcore?

Grosse Bagarre is a 1min long breakdown. It’s fucking heavy as fuck. God knows what the guitars are tuned to. B? C#?

RED has some fast and blast moments but it goes off the rails at 1m49s. I can’t imagine what seeing this band live must be like. The recording punches you in the face over and over.

It’s not just the spectacular riffs that make this band. The singer is phenomenal. Her highs and lows cut though all the noise and distortion and the gut rumbling growls are more intense than most deathcore bands can muster.


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