Party at 300?

I have a feeling that next week’s Weeknotes (299) will be the soft launch of my new blog layout and theme. Maybe I’ll throw a party at 300.

5 minutes

I can’t believe we’re 1/3 of the way into June already. I was in Lisbon and it was May… just yesterday? FML.

My phone’s screen time is down to less than 2h a day, I’m really happy about that. It’s been a long struggle. I’m thinking of moving away from Blocksite app as it doesn’t play well with Brave browser and getting Freedom instead – does anyone use it? It seems to be the best in class web blocker on the market? Anyone have strong opinions?

Today, in advance of rebuilding the blog / theme next week, I uninstalled Google analytics. I decided today that… I just don’t care about web traffic and downloads any more. As long as I am making – what I believe – to be good work then its all good! Of course I have some mental ball park figures I’d like to hit for downloads on my new podcast when it launches. But in general I just don’t think obsessing over analytics is useful. To me anyway.

Only using my phone for the bare minimum of things makes me deeply regret the amount of time I’ve spent on social media in the last decade and a half. Christ.

I have a feeling that next week’s Weeknotes (299) will be the soft launch of my new blog layout and theme. Maybe I’ll throw a party at 300.


My talk on the history of worlds is now online:

I wrote about Apples headset announcement:

Permanently Moved

Stale Yesterdays

It is a choice to carry stale yesterdays into tomorrow. Shed the flotsam and idle chatter from the surface of the mind. Writing a diary is a daily exorcism.

Full Show Notes:

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Photo 365


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Big presentation. Delivered.
  • Writers Bloc began. Nice group of people. Excited to be running/part of this writing group!
  • Rebranded my default slide deck took ages but got the next 18 months of ‘aesthetic’ down. (It looks like my blog header images basically)
  • Did some WordPress FSE tutorial/research. I still haven’t picked a theme for the blog re-build. Time is running out 😬

Terminal Access

Colin Walker has an EP out over on Bandcamp. He’s been getting back in to making music for a while. Really glad to see some of the fruit of this passion.

Deb’s book has a cover and a release date! How Infrastrurture Works: Inside the Systems That Shape Our its out October. Can’t wait. Pre-ordered.

Dipping the Stacks

Absentee Capitalism – Ed Zitron’s Where’s Your Ed At

Through decades of corporate greed, production has become almost entirely separated from capital, meaning that executives (and higher-ups) are no longer able to understand the nature of the businesses they are growing.

Culture companies have forgotten how culture works – Tracy Durnell

Cliche and franchise could probably carry AI generated works for a while, but in the long term, mashups are only engaging when they add something new, interesting, or clever β€” and that takes a human hand. AI mashups are entertaining people at the moment, but they were prompted by people.

The Enduring Allure of Choose Your Own Adventure Books

The forking paths of a Choose book propose a conception of character that differs from that of traditional novels. If a character is defined by the choices she makes, then perhaps these books have no true central character.

I’m a Student. You Have No Idea How Much We’re Using ChatGPT.

β€œSo what that essays are easier to write now? AI is here for good; students might as well learn to use it.”

Burning Down The House | Defector

This worldview, as expressed through a sprawling cast of independent operators, is built around not just incubating but selling a very specific type of grievance. Each of those operators is the protagonist of their own dim hero’s journey; so is Musk.


I finished re-reading Altered Carbon. Last time I finished it was Jan 2018. Back then I was also playing Zelda. LOL history repeats. Man it’s such a good novel. Can’t wait to discuss it with the bros on Agitator Pod.

As a pallet cleanser I listened to How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing by TikToker K.C. Davis. This book has a 4.3* rating on Goodreads from 25k reviews. WTF. I know I’m neuro-divergent in my own way, but so much of this book just seems like really terrible advice. I’m with all the 1 star people. This book is awful.

After I finished it, I went back to reading a truly important and useful book Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication by Oren Jay Sofer. its really really good.

Music Spotify Playlist

Girls In Airports – How It Is Now

Tom dropped me a DM to say that if I like Cole Pulice I might also like Danish Indie-Jazz-Mood band Girls In Airports.

I enjoyed every moment of the album. Each track strikes a mood and builds a soundscape around it. Very chill. I’m not sure what context I would like to see them live in. A pub garden or an intense show in a basement?

Martha Sky Murphy – Dogs (Single)

Martha Sky Murphy is hands down one of my favourite contemporary UK artists. Dogs, a new single out this week, first music since 2021 is, a jewel, a gem of a track. Haunting. Beautiful. Weird. Wonderful.

The new single is presented with 3 music videos directed by Billy Howard Prince. You can watch the others on the website.

Remember Kids:

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