All Time Great

I went to see Tom Jones at Dreamland, Margate. One of the all time greats.

4 minutes

I’ve been back on the chalk for my Birthday week, and to see my Dad early as his birthday is soon but, I’ll be at a wedding. I can’t belive I’m 38. Christ. Turning 30 feels like just yesterday.

For my actual birthday on Tuesday, Eve got me a nice new satchel with a padded laptop compartment. I also got some hot sauces (the mildest, Scotch bonnet, is nearly all gone lol). Then a full days work on Wednesday and then train home to Kent on Thursday morning.

Its been so nice to be back at home for a few days! In cultural oscillation to attending the Opera last week, on Friday this week I went to see Tom Jones at Dreamland, Margate .


I’ve said it before, that mans voice is a weapon. He’s 83! a living legend, not that many people who were right there at the dawn of the pop era still working, let alone producing #1 albums.

The set at Dreamland was great. He did some nice story telling and had lots of anecdotes woven in throughout the setlist. He played a lot of material from Surrounded By Time which was very cool. When you are that famous, you can play whatever you want. He played Crumble, possibly his best song ever, it was a powerful moment in the middle of the set.

The rest of the weekend has been dinners with my parents friends, walks along sea walls and clifftops. Also, it’s Illegal to come to Thanet and not have an ice-cream from Morelli’s

Permanently Moved

No podcast this week. it’s been my birthday, plus i’ve been really busy; struggling with/writing/editing my new centre talk for Thursday.

Photo 365

168/365 Photo-a-day

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Writing, editing, stressing out.

Terminal Access

THE WEB IS FUCKED I came across this amazing one shot website/essay by Kev Quirk:

I have something to tell you, dear reader. The web is fucked. It’s a sad state of affairs that we’re in – gone are the days of Web 1.0 where the humble personal blog and the likes of GeoCities reigned supreme.

Instead we’ve been left with Web 1.0’s rotten remains where centralisation, monopolies and tracking are the order of the day.

It’s shit.

It pairs nicely with the ‘Reconstructing our Attention’ link in the stacks below.

Dipping the Stacks

*Audiobook* Document Your Culture | Emma Warren | Sweet Machine Publishing

This 36pp pamphlet with pink and red cover and b&w pages is designed to help you tell the story of a space or a community. It is written by Make Some Space author Emma Warren and is a companion piece to that book.

Document the Ting | ewen

bottom line was that we all participate in the production of culture and, with the right care, should all be documenting it more. What happens if we leave the decision of what β€œdeserves” to be documented to other people?

What Really Happened at Current Affairs? – Yasmin Nair

Workplaces are formed out of human relationships, and those relationships will be contentious at some point or another.

The real story about what happened at Current Affairs (turns out no one got fired for workplace organising). Everyone involved seems to have behaved poorly though.

How China Is Developing The Global South

If the Chinese economy is the set of processes that created and create China, then its exports today are China β€” technologies, knowledge, communication networks, forms of organization. But is China a place, or is it a recipe for social structure that can be implemented generically anywhere?

Reconstructing Our Attention in the Era of Infinite Digital Rabbit Holes β€Ή Literary Hub

You may remember, hazily, what it was like back in the early aughts. Falling into a book or a long magazine article was easy. Boredom was possible. Long walks by yourself, disconnected from the matrix of urgent knowledge.


I finished reading The Martyr’s Tomb by Marc Colins the 6th entry into the Dawn of Fire WH40K series. It’s a fine entry. Moves the whole plot along a bit, potential for other novels and short stories that cover several big events that happen off screen etc.

Still reading Spirit Possession and the Origins of Christianity by Stevan L. Davies.


Tom Jones – Crumble

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this before. I know it’s ‘The Voice’ blah blah blah. But what a song! and what a magical moment caught on TV?

Remember Kids:

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