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  • Excess Salt

    Excess Salt

    I caught up with some friends who i haven’t seen in a while, and also with my brother who is about to start a grand year long adventure abroad.

  • Dystopias Now

    Dystopias Now

    Went to the launch of Ignota Books’ first publication Spells on Halloween.

  • The Future Starts Today

    The Future Starts Today

    I don’t know who many of you are even reading – let me know in the comments if you are – but i’m not particularly bothered.

  • Next Up

    Next Up


    Unsound was great. Had an amazing time. Might write a follow up piece to this talking through my highlights as I saw a lot of great artists.

  • The End of Summer

    The End of Summer

    I don’t think I’ve ever tasted in a dream before.

  • Catching Up

    Catching Up

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    “The names of blockchain firms make Californian companies look humble – Gnosis, Ether, Kraken, Stellar …. Ontology” –Β Ben Cerveny I missed a week last weeks blog entry. I thought it might feel like the weekly chain had been broken and everything comes tumbling down. But it doesn’t so there’s that. The week before last was…

  • Use a cobra-snake for a necktie

    Use a cobra-snake for a necktie

    Had lunchtime coffees with friends through out the week.

  • Another week past

    Another week past

    If you listened to my podcast a while back on the synesthesia I have – where conversations have shapes and ‘materiality’ then you’ll know that I had a wild ride, a good conversation with someone is extremely pleasurable.

  • Do what you can

    Do what you can


    There is so much utter nonsense going on in the world right now, it is difficult to fathom it all. But knowing that you have absolutely no idea what the fuck is going on is a great help.

  • In a time like this…

    In a time like this…

    Caught up on season three of The Expanse with my friend Ben on his big assed TV. A much better experience than watching it on my smol 13″ screen.

  • In the summer mix

    In the summer mix

    I spent all day on Tuesday with a controversial voice/twitter/youtube personality which resulted in extremely ‘good’ conversation

  • Who Else Wants To Enjoy The Sunshine?

    Who Else Wants To Enjoy The Sunshine?

    I’m typing this out quickly as possible as I want to get out in the garden before the sun moves round the trees and makes it to hot to shift all the ivy/crap I cut down out there that was coming though from next door.

  • EndSerenading


    Recovery from last week continues. A birthday and building of flatpack furniture.

  • Solarpunk


    My association with Solarpunk began on the mailing list that organised weirdshitcon 2012. Shortly after, Adam Flynn began posting to solarpunks.net and published the essay: ‘On the Need for New Futures‘. Laying the foundational questions Solarpunk continues to explore. I later joined solarpunks.net as a co-admin in 2014 and have (along side many others) been…

  • #Asperity



    I completely forgot to blog about this when it went up: I wrote a piece last year for the 5 Viridian Years collection curated by Tim Maly over on Medium. ‘Viridian Design was an avant-garde bright green design movement engineered by Bruce Sterling and intended to address climate change. It ran from 1998-2008. Five years…

  • 8 months with a straight razor

    8 months with a straight razor

    Shaving with a straight razor is fucking terrifying