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  • Catch Ups

    Catch Ups

    I went for socially distanced beers in the park yesterday, and saw one of my favourite internet personalities.

  • Birthday!



    It was my birthday this week. I spent the day melting in the record breaking heat. Eve got me the Folio Society edition of Dune. It’s wonderful.

  • Absolutely Jammin’

    Absolutely Jammin’

    Had a pretty fun week with all the various birthdays and stuff that happened, but I got rained on and now have an unshakable cough and a mystery cold. It’s been really annoying.

  • programmable robots are now cheaper than human beings

    :: this is a lazy video dump/post with a few thoughts from me trying to pull them together. it is public thinking. feedback welcome :: meet baxter – the robot with common sense who’s younger siblings will probably make 100m chinese workers unemployed. he might look a bit stupid & slow now, and im also…