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  • Substacklash



    I don’t really have any thoughts on the Substack backlash beyond urging people to ignore their impulse to disparage tall poppies and instead remember the long tail of people on the platform that are surviving because of others generosity.

  • Episode 100 | 2031

    Episode 100 | 2031

    A nice round number seemed like a good time to review. I discuss how the show has evolved, workflow, stats, β€œPerfectionism is the voice of the oppressor”.

  • Eternity can be found in the minuscule…

    Eternity can be found in the minuscule…


    ….in the place where earthworms, along with billions of unseen soil-dwelling microorganisms, engage in a complex and little-understood dance with the tangle of plant roots that make up their gardens, their cities.”― Amy Stewart, The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms Narrative Despite all the stuff I’ve been up to so far this…