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  • Synthespian Escalation

    Synthespian Escalation

    Due to converging technology & software, 2020 was a breakout year for the VTuber. What can we learn about the future of entertainment?

  • The City Completes The Village

    The City Completes The Village


    This week was Ignota Books Live, Trouble with the Book Police, and an iTunes top 50 placement.

  • Connect, BTS – 2020 London Launch Event

    Connect, BTS – 2020 London Launch Event

    Connect, BTS was surreal. Surreal in the same way experiencing a glimpse of the near future is surreal. I hope the art world continues to get weirder.

  • The Necroshire Confines

    The Necroshire Confines

    A full week this week. I had to have a small day surgery operation on Tuesday which required me to take an inordinate amount of laxatives over the bank holiday weekend last weekend. I can’t say I enjoyed the whole experience but I’m glad its over. The knock on effect is I may be able…

  • Blam Blam

    Blam Blam

    Caught up with Mr Vickers on Tuesday. We ate pancakes at the relatively new Where the pancakes are in London Bridge round the corner from Borough Market.

  • No Marxist Disco

    No Marxist Disco

    I also went to see Tim Ingold speak at the Monsoon [+ other] Grounds Symposium hosted at University of Westminster. He was speaking on ‘What is the ground’ and was extremely Ingold-ian. I loved it.

  • Another week past

    Another week past

    If you listened to my podcast a while back on the synesthesia I have – where conversations have shapes and ‘materiality’ then you’ll know that I had a wild ride, a good conversation with someone is extremely pleasurable.

  • New Dark Age (?)

    New Dark Age (?)

    Went to see Ben Vickers in conversation with James Bridle. I got James to sign my book because I’m a sucker for friends publishing things