In The Food Forest Of Souls, Angels Are Avenged

We were joking that from now on every time we meet, it has to be to be to a biblical backdrop. Last year we flew into the embers of the fires in Tasmania. He’s back in London now during a time of pestilence.

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I was supposed to be on a flight to The Canaries this morning. We booked it before Christmas. It became apparent we wouldn’t be going in the middle of last week, Jet 2 canceled their flights mid air on Saturday morning and Easyjet finally put us out of limbo yesterday morning. So I have a week off, and like a week where I do have work on, I’ll be largely self isolating. Can’t say the same for last week however.

I worked Monday and Tuesday, had a project kick off and continuation of a project thats so secret it doesn’t even have a code name

On Wednesday I went out drinking with Gordon White.

2020 demands you express your neutral face.

We were joking that from now on every time we meet it’s has to be to be to a biblical backdrop. Last year we flew into the embers of the fires in Tasmania. He’s back in London now during a time of pestilence. We drank a lot of mezcal cocktails in 7 dials.

During our session Dr Jack hunter called to cancel his appearance with Gordon at Tredwell’s, as he got off the phone, he turned to me and said “You should do it”. So with less than 48 hours notice.

I did:

Food forest of souls @ Tredwell’s (Photo Courtesy Scarlet Imprint)

We had a public conversation about ecology, the sprit world, hope. A main theme that emerged during the discussion was our culture (or should I say natureculture’s) lack of words for describing things. I’m glad I made that episode on depression last year. Similar vibes.

Saturday saw Gordon in conversation with The Scarlets at the Avenging Angels event at the Old Nick in Holborn.

Angels Being Avenged

It was awesome to see and meet so many #RSPM’s. Quite amazing to be in a pub named after the Devil with *everyone* in it talking about Magic.

After the event we moved to the Enterprise just off Russell Square where the only things I remember talking about was Warhammer 40k and Enya.
So I was 15 again or something.

Permanently Moved

Living In A Time Of History


The longue durΓ©e, paying taxes after pestilence, boomers, ancient greeks, make art when the time ghost is at the door.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

One day I *may* be able to to talk about what I’m up to.

Dipping the Stacks

I was a teenage Riverdancer – and I may never get out

How Vin Diesel Ended Up Living Every Nerd’s Best Life

The Inconvenient Truth about Your “Authentic” Self – Scientific American Blog Network

Hear How Choral Music Sounded in the Hagia Sophia More Than 500 Years Ago


I finished reading The MAGA Doctrine. I think its really worth taking a look at if you want to understand where Trumps quote unquote intercellular base is.
Haven’t started reading anything else, yet. But sarah from Silver Press put their edition of Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde in to my hands on Monday morning, so I think that will probably be on deck very soon.


TBH I’m still listening to the Infant Annihilator album I blogged about last week. But A friend sent me a like to this single ‘Damned to Love You’ by Miserable with the comment ‘Singing like Billie Eilish is now a genre’

Remember Kids:

Real life aesthetics are becoming a little too on the nose even for cyberpunk set designers IMO.

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8 responses to “In The Food Forest Of Souls, Angels Are Avenged”

  1. Pete Ashton avatar

    Enjoyed the Vin Diesel link. Reminded me of a detail, which of course I can’t find now but it’s too good a story, from the F&F feuds where all fights involving leading men had to be equal. Vin dealt with this by creating a spreadsheet of punches given and taken. Now that’s a true nerd.

    1. Jay avatar

      This is a very Vin Diesel story indeed!

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