Plan To Finish

Any behaviour that entices others away/out from the feeds and endless doomscrolling feed is welcome.


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Plan To Finish

The weeks and their weeknotes stop for no man – apart from when they fall on Boxing Day.

I kicked off last year with the tagline ‘DO EVERYTHING’.

I decided that this year is the year of β€˜DO EVERYTHING’ . I’m going to say yes to basically everything. I’m interested in making, doing, being and belonging. Filling my life up full of stuff I want to do.
Last year I thought was going to join the 1000mph club. But to be honest I did a lot and achieved a lot. But it was more like 500mph club. Gotta go fast..

I did and didn’t do all the things in 2020 but I did my best.

I don’t really go in for New Years Resolutions. I prefer to set my self a few concrete goals and what I like to think of as vectors. I like the term as vector has both a magnitude and a direction

Whilst usually applied to objects, I think IDEAS have vectors, They warp and shape reality – they can deform it. Like a river’s erosion, a small trickle can be come a grand valley over time.

A river may meander but its vector is always the same – it’s destination.

So my Vectors for 2021 are:

> Create
> Move
> Listen
> Shorter Loops
> Plan to Finish

This might seem all a little cryptic but it make sense to me.

Rethinking How I Use The Internet

The good Ahmet A. SabancΔ± was kind enough to mention this blog his recent ‘RSS is not dead?‘. The post is an extension (I guess) of his blogchain series ‘Rethinking How I Use The Internet’. Which is a really good title and good series, and I recommend you go check it out.

I’ve decided for 2020 I’m going to try and wind the clock back and use Twitter like I did in 2008/9. As an exhaust feed from my other online activities.

I’m going back to Tumblr.

  1. It’s a much richer posting experience
  2. It’s now owned by WordPress/Automattic
  3. It’s a platform I have way more emotional investment in than Twitter. is hugely important to me obviously
  4. I never really left tumblr I just stopped posting on my personal Tumblog.
  5. Tumblrs feed moves fast. Its not the sort of place you have to catch everything that happened. It has a drop by and see who’s at the party vibe Discord also has.

I’ll be auto posting to Twitter from this blog and from Tumblr.

My thinking is that with the combination of Twitter’s now 280 characters and Open Graph Embed support, there won’t be that much difference in what my followers on Twitter see.

I posted about this OpenAI Jukebox and everything is fine.

I will still need to check my DMs and reply to @mentions etc. But I’m going to give not posting to Twitter ago for a few months and see how I like it.

This will be a major change in my online behaviour. But then again, any behaviour that entices others away/out from the feeds and endless doomscrolling is welcome.

Here’s my Tumblr’s RSS feed

Posting to Tumblr also means I’ll have a space to post photos and other short links etc. For much of 2020 I’ve been umming and ahhing about how I wanted to use this blog as a personal web space. The answer is to just have two bases of operations.

I might eventually set up a subdomain on this site use with cross posting.
I’ll see how it goes.

As for this spot. I’m going to be branching out and adding more ongoing blog series/blogchains, covering two more areas of interest that I’m not currently ‘thinking in public’ about Worldrunning + Regenerative Cultures. I was invited to join the Regenerative CoLab. Last year and its time I started contributing to the conversation.

My book Land As Platform is a mess. Q4 of last year I was thinking that the content should probably be across multiple books and not all in one. I hope as the year unspools the threads between Dimensino, Worldrunning and Regenerative Ag/Culture will become clearer to me at least. lol.

This does mean that I may have to redesign the blog *again* to make older content more discoverable, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Dipping the Stacks

intimidating but also intimate / reflections on formative time in a revenant medium | Velcro City Tourist Board

Why are video games graphics (still) a challenge? Productionizing rendering algorithms – Bart Wronski

Game time? Microsoft adopts Ethereum blockchain for gaming royalties

What we need is a barn raising. – Abby Covert, Information Architect


I am aware that there are some long suffering readers who literally only follow me for music recommendations. After several requests, I’ve finally put together a Spotify Playlist of all the music I’ve posted to the blog since 2018. 3 years of music recommendations all in one place.

You can subscribe and join the 3 other people who have already done so. LOL. I think I’m going to embed it in the blogs sidebar.

I’ve been listening on random since putting it together. It’s really not a bad overview of where my current musical interests are at all. Not a bad track IMO.

Jessie Mae Hemphill – Run Get My Shotgun

For Christmas I bought Eve the album Run Get My Shotgun. It’s been on the turntable since we got back basically.

Remember Kids

Is Solarpunk the new Cyberpunk
Always Has Been

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