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I’m Back! After the longest break from ‘the practice’ since 2019. I must admit, sitting down today to make this show filled me with an urgent anxiety. 

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Permanently Moved

Back. The longest break from ‘the practice’ since 2019.

The first week was relaxing, no psychic clock counting down in the background. Week two, I spent the time I would usually devote to making 301 doing writing exercises. Exploring containers of different lengths. 300, 1500, 3000 words. I even tried to write a dramatic monologue.

I must admit though. Sitting down today to make this show filled me with an urgent anxiety. Sat at this same desk four years ago, it never occurred to me making Episode 1 that there might be 199 more. I was just focused on making it and getting it out. But this episode. This episode is number two hundred and one. I am potentially speaking to you now at the beginning of the next 200. I’ll be 42 by then. Honestly if I’m to achieve it, I need to make some changes.

Firstly, I’m going to adopt seasons of 10 weeks. With a week (or two) off in between each one. So 40 episodes a year, not the 50 I have been producing.

Secondly, I feel the need to explore different size and shaped containers.

301 seconds will of course remain the primary format, the default container if you will. But this is a personal podcast, and I personally need to keep growing. 

The HTTP status codes (from which this show takes its name) still supply a great deal of inspiration. 

So listen out in the show intros to know what sort of show you’re getting. 411 – length required, 201 – created, 303 – see other. Announcements about upcoming books I’m published in or my zine etc may be 402’s – payment required. 

So permanently moved is the podcast. 301 is the show type. New containers open up a space to answer and act on the sentiment in Episode 2201. I also means new opportunities to make new mistakes, in public, in front of all of you. I’m excited. 

But this all begs the question. If 301 is a show three hundred and one seconds in length. What then, is the wider project the podcast – permanently moved, all about?

To answer that question I downloaded all the episodes and listened from the beginning. All 16h and 45 mins of it.

Some episodes I hadn’t thought about since I hit upload. Others I don’t remember making! It was an interesting experience. Bingeing my own body of work. Hearing the work of body and the show evolve. The person I am today is a very different human being to one who set about making the show 4 years ago. As an archive of work I am happy with it. Enormously proud even.

I did have to take a few days off in the middle though, whilst I am unperturbed by the sound of my recorded voice, I did get a bit tired of it. Too much jaymo. Lol

I’ve often joked that Permanently Moved is about nothing in particular, only what’s on my mind that week. But I’ve written and posted creative work week after week for 4 years, and then binge listened to it. Themes emerged. I classified each Episode as I went and here are the results. 

Out of 200 episodes the dominant theme is β€˜Worlds and Software’ with 40 episodes. Followed closely by 36 episodes about what I can only call β€˜WayFinding’. Essays about my trying to navigate the world, my creative practice and the world around me. 26 episodes are stand alone essays. There’s looser threads like saints and souls, mediation and experience, and writing.

What Permanently Moved is about, I think, is the thing that happened to me, happened to all of us.

The Internet. 

The personal computer arrived into my life in 1996. Then the Internet came screeching into the family home shortly thereafter. My life changed – forever. Ever since then, like an unstoppable rising tide, year after year, the Internet washed in a little closer. A T1 connection at university, then wifi, smart phones, 3,4 now 5G. The tide washed over me and has never gone out again. We have all, Permanently moved – online. Or dragged out to sea.

I’m in my late 30’s. A member of the smaller, older demographic of millennials once known as Generation Y . An intertidal generation who remember the before and after the Internet. One foot in the old worldview, GenX as comrades. The other foot in the digital native waters. It’s one hell of a thing to have lived though, to still be living though. I’m still trying to make sense of it. 

Part of that sense making is what this show is about. And also what I spent most of my month off doing. Finally, after much urging from friends and acquaintances, I have decided to start an interview show. 

It won’t be released for a while, I’m still developing exactly what it is, what it could be. But interviews have begun. I’m enormously pleased with how it’s going. It turns out, like making this show. Making the sort of radio that I want to make, is the same thing as making the show I would want to listen to. I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Lastly, Issue #3 of zine went out to paid subscribers last week. It kicks off what hopefully will become a collaborative play by mail storytelling project. If youβ€˜d like to get involved, there’s a few issues left. And if you’d like to help me make my way to Episode 400, please head to and subscribe.

Speak to you again next week.


The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the episode in the edit.

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