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Worldrunning and the Vertical of One | Agitator Pod

I went on Agitator Pod last week to talk about 2000’s era boxing anime Hajime No Ippo.

Co-host Kelby was out on pat-leave having a kid, so it was just me and David (who guest hosted 301 way back when) shooting the breeze for 2 hours. Agitator is one of my favourite shows (am a patreon subscriber) I had a great time!


Kelby’s out this week welcoming a new kid into the world, so I had one of my smartest friends, writer, solar punk innovator, host of 301 and the upcoming Jay Springett on to talk about 2000’s boxing anime Hajime No Ippo episodes 1-24, getting canceled on a blog, picking one big project, getting in shape, aphantasia, world running, the difference between worlds and stories, Web 3, the internet as a side quest, what Jay’s learned from 10 years of meditating, and more.

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About Author

Jay Springett is a Solarpunk and strategist, specialising in the distributed web, metaverse, and world running. He is currently writing his first book: The Web Was a Side Quest


  • Paul
    January 24, 2023 at 22:16

    I really vibed with this podcast. Unscripted Jay is a different guy. Relaxed and enjoying yourself. But just as much the heavy hitter, translating ideas for the rest of us to get on board with. I love your 301 persona, but this other guy is the one to grab a pint with πŸ™‚

    • Jay
      January 25, 2023 at 16:39

      Thanks Paul! really glad you enjoyed it! It hadn’t occurred to me that so many people have never heard me chatting/out side of my 301 persona! lol. I’ll have to go on more shows!

      And yes! let’s get a beer if ever you’re in London!

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