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Given the affordances of different social media platforms … How does one demonstrate taste in the digital realm?

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It’s Just a Hobby

If you read my blog, you’ll already know that I went on one of my favourite shows last week. I spoke with J David Osborne on Agitator Pod. (Remember, JDO, he guest hosted episode 21-23.)

He had me on to talk about one of my favourite bits of media of all time, two thousands era boxing anime, Hajime No Ippo but since the episode is about two hours long, we ended up speaking about all sorts of things: One’s life’s work, needing to get in shape, watching films when you have Aphantasia, world running, the difference between worlds and stories, web3, the internet as a side quest, what I’ve learned from 10 years of meditating and more.

Trying something a bit different this week as its Eve’s birthday tomorrow.

Here’s a clip from our conversation talking about how playing Xbox and going on Twitter are basically the same.

[00:01:00] David: Do you know what I mean? Was it, was it you who was saying this, that it’s like that there are, I think this was you, this sounds like something you would say. Where we’ve been on Twitter playing this game and there’s been a completely sort of parallel, but almost never, almost never touching stream, of online interaction, that is the gamer chat room, right?

[00:01:26] Jay: Mm-hmm. ,

[00:01:26] David: and that’s the game that they’ve been playing.

[00:01:28] Jay: Yeah.

[00:01:28] David: And so I’ve experienced this once I got back into video games. So I finally had things to talk to some friends about that I hadn’t spoken to in years.

[00:01:39] Jay: Yeah.

[00:01:39] David: Because I’d been so…

[00:01:40] Jay: and the only way you can talk to ’em is by playing a game together.


[00:01:42] David: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So we play Call of Duty. , uh, which I’m terrible at. And you know, they’re like, it’s okay, bro. Don’t worry. I’m getting plugged by a fucking 12 year old somewhere. But when you talk to, like they, they have no idea what you’re talking about with Twitter.

[00:02:02] Jay: Yeah.

[00:02:02] David: You know what I mean?

[00:02:03] Jay: They’re on a different social network. They’re in a different, they’re just in a different bubble.

[00:02:06] David: And, but it’s like, it’s almost like ..

[00:02:08] Jay: Reality tunnel. .

[00:02:10] David: Well, they are a different reality tunnel, but what’s interesting about it is like those, a lot of those guys have really good careers now, and a lot of them have kids and families and they’ve, it’s almost like when I was 15, my PlayStation two got the red ring of death and I said, I’m not playing video games anymore. I’m gonna learn how to skateboard.

And Facebook came out and I was like, okay, I’m gonna use this to talk to girls. And you know, like I was very girl crazy at the time.

[00:02:40] Jay: Right.

[00:02:41] David: And then I had friends who were not as girl crazy and they were more into the games and they, they stuck with it.

[00:02:47] Jay: Mm-hmm.

[00:02:47] David: But down that path of chasing which, you know, talking to girls, kind of, it’s a kind of sociability . Right?. Uh, down that path led me to Facebook, well, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter. That’s the evolution for me. And they never went through that. And so in a weird way, by playing these games with all the shit talk and everything, they ended up without these hangups that I have. they could have hangups of their own, I’m sure they do.


But I, I don’t see the ones that I have. So Yeah. In a weird way, it’s like being a shut in gamer. Might have been the better choice. I think about that sometimes you’re talking about going back and seeing like how your life…

[00:03:30] Jay: it’s just a hobby though, right?

At the end of the day,

[00:03:32] David: yeah.

[00:03:32] Jay: It’s a social hobby and so is Twitter.

Twitter is just a fucking hobby,

[00:03:36] David: But the people who have the social hobby that’s video games for the most part, understand it as such. Right, because it’s a very,

[00:03:42] Jay: yes.

[00:03:42] David: It’s a clear game, right?

[00:03:43] Jay: No, it’s because the rest of culture considers it to be a hobby,

[00:03:47] David: right? Right.

But Twitter is. Life. To these people.

This like, people think that Twitter is real life.

[00:03:54] Jay: Yeah but have you ever met someone who’s like really into musical theater or whatever and they go to all the Broadway shows and it’s like the most important thing in the world to them, it’s their fucking life.

[00:04:02] David: Yeah.

[00:04:04] Jay: And that’s a hobby.

[00:04:04] David: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:04:05] Jay: You know, it’s the same, it’s exactly the same thing, but like theater, theater kids and Twitter people, are just like in that same thing.

I did that episode last year on brain worms, right? Where you go into a world, and then you, and then you become so accustomed to how the world operates, that when you leave the world, you expect the new world that you’ve stepped into or the real world to operate in the same way as the world that you’ve just come from, you know?

[00:04:29] David: Yeah, yeah.

[00:04:30] Jay: And it doesn’t work that way.

[00:04:31] David: It doesn’t work that way. At all. So for you, I know you still post on Twitter, so is it’s just, kind of the same idea that I have of just like strict, limited use. I know you restarted your Tumblr…

[00:04:40] Jay: You said to me the other week, no scrolling.

[00:04:46] David: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

And there you have it. I think you can hear how much of a good time we were having chatting.

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