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  • I Probably Need A Stamp Card

    I Probably Need A Stamp Card


    I was joking with the endoscopist as she saw me before, back in 2019 that they should have a stamp card program for regulars.

  • Solarpunk, Stacktivism and Cold Texas | 2107

    Solarpunk, Stacktivism and Cold Texas | 2107


    The Texas disaster has all the elements of a Solarpunk story.

  • Living In A Time Of History | 2010

    Living In A Time Of History | 2010


    The Pandemic is coming… The longue durΓ©e, paying taxes after pestilence, boomers, ancient greeks, make art when the time ghost is at the door.

  • Profiles and Radio

    Profiles and Radio

    I’ve been in the media the last week: Can Science fiction save the planet? I was profiled/interviewed by French online magazine ulyces.co The piece is in French but as you can see in the screenshot above, Google Translate does a very good job with it. The interview covers Solarpunk, My Sonar+D talk, Stacktivism work and…

  • General Ludd | 1828

    General Ludd | 1828


    Luddites were opposed only to technology β€˜hurtful to Commonality’/ What are the wide frames of today? which bits of the stack need a visit at midnight?

  • Colonising the Clouds + Other stuff I forgot to post about in 2014


    :: Colonising the Clouds :: Last summer i posted a visual essay on Medium of Slides and Notes from a presentation given at Theorising the Web #TTW14 NYC April 2014 with updated/expanded comments. I really like the possibility that beautiful html storytelling can/could afford – A few people however have said that they couldn’t get…

  • Nuclear war.. It’s Not Very Nice That


    Photo Courtesy of Kieran McCann It’s Not Very Nice That From 21 Feb – 27 Apr 2014 the Light House Gallery in Glasgow had an exhibition of current politically engaged graphic design and politics. The #Stacktivism logo was included which was nice of them – the logo was a collaboration between myself and my friend…

  • #TTW14 abstract

    #TTW14 abstract


    PHEW. yesterday i finally submitted my extract/talk proposal on the ‘geopolitics of the stacks’ for the theorizingtheweb conference that takes place in april in new york . the piece is reproduced in full below. even if i am unsuccessful, i think the piece is a useful early 2014 ‘flag in the ground’ to orient my…

  • its been busy!

    its been busy!

    the main news is probably that grew a beard, went to florence, shaved it off again. in addition i’ve done a whole bunch of talks and workshops, this is my talk on β€˜seeing the stack’ at the #stacktivism unconference in july. i also spoke more generally about infrastructure, SCIM and other stuff at the CRESC…

  • on #stacktivism – my #ILIW13 talk


    :: we cannot have a conversation about something whilst it remains unseen :: ‘The stack’ – The chain of interconnected activities and technologies of current and historical significance that spread far beyond the individual. I think there are many people beginning to have/shape a conversation around the stack: From Jo Guldi the author of Roads to Power: Britain Invents the Infrastructure…